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What’s New in Rayyan – January 2023

Have you Created a PRISMA Flowchart in Rayyan?

Rayyan allows you to easily create a PRISMA flow diagram. PRISMA flow diagrams are commonly used in systematic reviews to show the flow of articles through the review process, from initial search results to the final included studies.

The PRISMA option on Rayyan automatically collects the available populated values from your decisions and displays them as a pre-set, ready-to-use flowchart, saving you all the labour of creating one from scratch. Additionally, Rayyan also provides a control panel to manually make updates or override values as necessary. You can then download your PRISMA Flow Diagram in any format including PDF, PNG, SVG, and Interactive HTML.

PRISMA is available with any of our premium memberships. If you would like to change your membership, please visit change my membership

How do I create a PRISMA flow diagram on Rayyan?

Presenting Auto-resolver: Resolve Large Number of Duplicates in Seconds

Removing duplicate references from an extensive collection of articles is not just taxing but also time consuming when it comes to literature review. To make the process easier Rayyan has introduced Auto-resolver. 

With just one click, Rayyan’s Auto-resolver lets you automatically detect and remove duplicate references with a statistical similarity of 95% and higher, significantly reducing the amount of time spent on de-duplication!

Once you initiate Detect Duplicates, Rayyan’s artificial intelligence automatically detects and resolves identical records retrieved from multiple databases that are 100% exact matches. For articles that appear to be possible duplicates based on their content overlap, Rayyan assigns them their corresponding duplicate confidence percentages and a Possible Duplicates facet will appear. You are then able to review and remove duplicates manually, or you may confirm the duplicates by comparing the title, authors, date and percentage similarity and then use the Auto-resolver to auto-resolve statistically high similarity duplicates. For a step-by-step guide on how to incorporate the Auto-resolver into your workflow, please visit this Help Center article.

Autoresolver is available with any Rayyan premium membership. If you would like to change your membership, please visit change my membership.

Learn the step-by-step process on how to use the Auto-resolver.

Create Review and Manage Your Team with Rayyan’s Mobile App

At Rayyan, we are always on the move to ensure that your user experience improves with every new update. Our recent major release allows you to create a new review, invite reviewers, and manage roles – all from the mobile app, in addition to other important usability enhancements for easier navigation!

Rayyan's Mobile App is a game-changer! Learn how to use it to add productive time to your day.

Improved DOI and Date Handling

Rayyan now presents more streamlined handling of DOI numbers on imported references and makes them visible in the abstract pane. DOIs are preserved upon export for reimport into your reference manager, to share with your team, and for other uses.

Rayyan also has made improvements to date handling to provide the most precise rendering of dates on import from the broadest set of source formats, use cases and file types. You may find out more information from this Help Center article.

Explore the list of the supported date formats in EndNote and RefMan.

Updates to The Migration Guide and Recording of Affiliations

We have enhanced the Migration Guides on Rayyan, by updating the example of the CSV file and the BibTeX database, and recording of affiliation of each author while importing databases.

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