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Using Mendeley and Rayyan Seamlessly for Systematic Reviews and Literature Reviews

Increase Your Productivity with Mendeley and Rayyan Integration

You can now search Mendeley with its repository of over 100 million reference articles and then import your saved Collections to Rayyan for your literature reviews and systematic reviews. 

All you need to do is connect your Mendeley account to Rayyan during the import phase of your review, and with just a few clicks you can import one or more Collections of references and articles from Mendeley to Rayyan. It cannot be any simpler!

About Mendeley

Mendeley is a reference management tool that allows researchers to easily organize, store, and access their research papers, annotations, and bibliographies. Mendeley also contains a repository of over 100 million references articles.

About Rayyan

Rayyan is an AI-powered research collaboration platform designed to assist researcher and research teams in conducting literature reviews and systematic reviews. Rayyan accelerates the process of identifying the most relevant and highest quality evidence for all types of evidence synthesis projects, with researchers reporting 80% time savings for the tasks performed. The platform is highly flexible and conforms to the researcher, allowing for a variety of use cases and research steps to be performed efficiently and effectively.

How do I import references or articles from Mendeley to Rayyan? - Learn More


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