Rayyan Enterprise and Teams+: An Impactful AI Solution for Organizations and Research Teams

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Rayyan Enterprise and Rayyan Teams+ have been carefully designed to serve the needs of research organizations and teams.

Accelerate your research and take advantage of the benefits of Rayyan Enterprise and Teams+. Provide your researchers with access to group trainings for both beginners and experts to maximize their productivity, and priority support to keep them productive. You can organzie and maintain your institutional research history with Rayyan Enterprise and Rayyan Teams+ to handle researchers coming and going without losing access to important research projects. You can also share responsibilities over research projects by creating teams, with the ability to manage searches, reviews, and full texts. With the unmatched speed offered by our full line of advanced tools, be sure to provide your research organization and team with the competitive edge of Rayyan’s AI powered workbench and time saving features.

About Rayyan

With over 500,000 researchers from 180 countries, Rayyan is the leading platform for managing and organizing your evidence synthesis projects, whether they be literature reviews, systematic reviews, or other types of evidence synthesis projects. Researchers can rely on Rayyan to collaborate with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Designed for scalability and intelligence, Rayyan is the go-to solution for academia, industry, healthcare, government, and other research organizations and groups in support of all types of compliance driven evidence synthesis projects that require transparency, auditability and reproducibility.

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Change the Review Ownership ParadigmReduce Effort,
Increase Accuracy
Faster CollaborationEnjoy Premium Benefits
Own, maintain and reuse reviews as team members come and go.Store, share and reuse searches and fulltext articles, for future reviews.Collaborators can be added automatically to new reviews and can share access inside their team(s).Get access to VIP support, special training events and premium Rayyan features.

Sponsor your Students

Our data demonstrates that students purchase individual subscriptions to work on their Systematic Reviews and Literature Reviews as a part of their post-grad degree or PhD. Even with the existing Systematic Review tools in the university, students select Rayyan for its simplicity and utility.

As a result, on the one side, students manage their reviews with limited tools, and on the other the research data collected and extracted is lost when their course completes, without much involvement of the organisation.

To address both the concerns, you can now sponsor your students by acquiring an organisational license. It will ensure that the students are well trained, receive priority support and have industry-grade features at their finger-tips. And, their research output will be completely within your control even after they have moved on from their academic life.

Rayyan, as one resource, will save the time of all your researchers and thus increase the productivity and research output collectively, benefitting your university or research Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

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