CAMBRIDGE, Mass. and KANATA, ON, Sept. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Rayyan Systems, Inc. and Thera-Business Inc. proudly announce a strategic partnership to deliver unparalleled evidence synthesis solutions for research organizations and regulated biomedical and healthcare entities. This alliance solidifies their shared commitment to providing comprehensive, regulatory-compliant services that empower organizations to excel in their regulated activities.

Rayyan is renowned for its cutting-edge evidence synthesis software while Thera-Business is a recognized leader in regulatory compliance services. Together, the companies offer research organizations an integrated suite of full-service regulatory compliant solutions for pharmacovigilance, clinical evaluation reports, health technology assessments, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and more. This exciting partnership sets a new benchmark in evidence synthesis, combining technological prowess with regulatory acumen to elevate organizations’ success in increasingly regulated industries.

“The combined strengths of Rayyan’s advanced technology with Thera-Business’s regulatory expertise offer clients a holistic approach to evidence synthesis that meets the rigorous standards of regulators,” says Robert Ayan, CEO of Rayyan Systems. “Rayyan is dedicated to advancing research through technology, and our collaboration with Thera-Business is a significant step in achieving that goal.”

This development signifies a shared vision to revolutionize the evidence synthesis landscape, benefiting clients seeking robust solutions for their regulated activities.

“Thera-Business empowers organizations to navigate complex regulatory landscapes, delivering reliable and compliant evidence synthesis solutions that advance their objectives,” says Isabella Steffensen, CEO of Thera-Business. “Together, we aim to empower decision-makers to make the informed decisions that drive advancement in the healthcare sector.”

In order to provide research organizations with insights into optimizing their research processes, Thera-Business and Rayyan will be hosting a series of joint workshops, webinars, and information sessions.

About Rayyan Systems, Inc.

Rayyan Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of evidence synthesis software solutions, dedicated to revolutionizing evidence-based research.

About Thera-Business, Inc.:

Thera-Business, Inc. specializes in delivering regulatory-compliant services to biomedical and healthcare organizations that empower clients to succeed in regulated environments.