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Open Data Sharing with Rayyan

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Did you know that you can share your systematic review data with Rayyan to comply with Open Data requirements and to support Open Science?

After you create your review, you can share the URL of your review as a permanent link with those whom you want to share the review data. You can always invite individuals as Viewers to provide them with immediate access even while keeping the review private to others.

However, when you want your review to be made public, at a time that’s suitable for you and your collaborators, simply reach out to Rayyan Support via the Help Center, the in-app Help Chat or email. Rayyan Support will then publish the permanent link as public, making your review accessible to everyone.

This link can be cited in your manuscripts as part of your bibliography, giving credit to your work and helping other researchers find your review. And, you can share the link with funders who have open data sharing requirements at the time of your grant application or at the time of publication.

NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has implemented a new Policy for Data Management and Sharing (DMS) that went into effect on January 25, 2023. With this policy, the NIH emphasizes the importance of and need for researchers to generate, save, share, and combine data to stay on par with scientific and technological opportunities.

If you are a researcher with data that is part of NIH funded or conducted research, you are required to submit a DMS plan outlining how you’ll manage and share the scientific data obtained from your research with your funding application.

These types of policies expect that you will maximize your data sharing within ethical, legal, and technical limits, and encourages you to incorporate an established public repository as a regular part of your research workflow to preserve and share scientific data.

Rayyan’s Role in Open Data Sharing Compliance

Occupying the top spot within the evidence pyramid, Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses are considered the best available evidence for considering all the available evidence. They play a pivotal role in supporting evidence based decision making within our healthcare systems. Sharing data enables the validation of research results and promotes the maintenance and continuity of research findings. In the end, this means better healthcare options for all of us.

As part of your compliance with the NIH’s policy on Open Data, Rayyan allows you to effortlessly share your review data by making it public at the appropriate time and stage to coincide with the publication of your findings.

You can start by sharing the permalink URL of your review with your NIH funding request as the location where your systematic review data can be found. Later, when you are ready, you simply submit a support ticket to request that an administrator makes your review public.

Any viewer of your Open Data on Rayyan is able to see, but not modify, the data in your public review. They are able to copy the data to their own review to facilitate data reuse. To access one of the Open Reviews, researchers using Rayyan can visit the Other Reviews tab where Public Reviews are stored, and an existing review can be easily and quickly examined or copied, like the Covid-19 Open Research Dataset that Rayyan offers.

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