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Rayyan for Organizations

Rayyan Teams and Rayyan Enterprise make it faster, easier and more convenient for you to support your organization’s systematic reviews. We can help new team members get up to speed quickly, provide world-class support when questions come up and give you tools to stay in control.

Rayyan Enterprise

“This is a great piece of software. It has made the independent viewing process so much quicker. The whole thing is very intuitive.”

Annie Topping

Professor, University of Birmingham

“Great usability and functionality. Rayyan has saved me countless hours. I even received timely feedback from staff when I did not understand the capabilities of the system, and was pleasantly surprised with the time they dedicated to my problem. Thanks again!”​

Hugh Bidstrup

PhD Student, Australian Catholic University

“Easy to use, friendly, has everything you need for cooperative work on the systematic review”

Jelena Jacimovic

Librarian, School of Dental Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia​