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Features and Benefits of Rayyan to Boost your Productivity

We understand that completing literature reviews and systematic reviews is time consuming for you! That’s why at Rayyan we are constantly looking for ways to improve your productivity. So, today we are listing some unique features and benefits of Rayyan supported by our combination of advanced Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, that have proven to save you time.

We have built Rayyan’s time-saving workbench so you can work more efficiently to accelerate your research findings. Rayyan understands language, learns from decisions, and helps research teams work quickly through even their largest sets of references reducing around 80% of your screening efforts. Rayyan is user-friendly and provides a phenomenal user-experience. 93% of our members report learning to use Rayyan took them less than an hour or a day to master.

Features and Benefits of Rayyan to Help you Be First in your Field

Import ReferencesUpload up to 10 files of 100MB at a time in any combination of industry standard file formats, including compressed files and nested compressed files. Learn more
Importing Directly from MendeleyYou can now search Mendeley with its repository of over 100 million reference articles and then import your saved Collections directly to Rayyan for your literature reviews and systematic reviews, with just a couple of clicks. Learn more
De-DuplicateRayyan’s de-duplication has been ranked highest for accuracy and sensitivity. Automatically deduplicate 100% EXACT matches, and detect more possible duplicates with Rayyan’s industry-leading deduplication. Learn more
Auto-ResolverQuickly and automatically resolve all possible duplicates that have a high similarity percentage, defined as 95% similarity or higher, with one click. Learn more
CollaborateInvite an unlimited number of Collaborators, Reviewers, Translators or Viewers to collaborate with anyone, anywhere, anytime via the web. Learn more
Blind ModeToggle Blind Mode to eliminate a source of human bias and to resolve any decision conflicts. Learn more
AnnotateMake inclusion decisions, assign labels, provide reasons for exclusion, and add notes to your references as you go. All of the information entered by your review team will be recorded automatically and available for Export. Learn more
ChatUse the built-in chat feature to communicate with your review team, or the Help chat to find support or articles and request help from Rayyan support.
Relevance RankingRayyan learns from your decisions and returns a 5-star relevance ranking on all remaining articles to help you read for relevance faster. Learn more
KeywordsEnter precise keywords for inclusion and exclusion, filter by indices of keywords, and use keyword highlighting to spot relevant articles faster. Learn more
Intelligent SearchEnter search terms in the intelligent search bar to return relevant articles including word variations to find all relevant articles faster.
PICO ElementsDetect all PICO elements and highlight those with a 70% confidence level or higher to allow you to spot relevant articles faster. Use the PICO filters with truncated search terms to find all relevant articles. Watch the PICO Tutorial
PRISMAGenerate a pre-set, ready-to-use PRISMA flowchart, saving you all the labour of creating one from scratch. Learn more
Mobile AppReview on-the-go or offline using the mobile app. Work from anywhere, anytime, and turn fractured time away from your desk into productive hours. Rayyan’s Mobile App Guide
Revoke CollaboratorsRevoke collaborators and choose to either preserve or delete their contributions. Learn more
CopyCopy references from one review to another, including the ability to filter which references get copied. Learn more
Data ExtractionSmooth data extraction along with Customization Logs – a record of all the Rayyan-specific information (decisions, labels and exclusion reasons). The customization file will include the history of all customizations done on the review and is helpful in tracking all actions. Learn more
Rayyan’s Features and Benefits

Rayyan’s Help Center

Rayyan offers a Help Center full of tutorials, FAQs, and help articles with the ability to ask support for additional help. For more knowledge on how to use Rayyan, visit the Rayyan Help Center.

Rayyan’s Time-saving Mobile App

A cutting-edge introduction to the systematic review process, the all new Rayyan App helps make even more efficient use of your time by offering you the ability to work on the go and even offline. Download it now from the App Store or Google Play and enjoy the ability to:

  • Create a review, invite reviewers, and manage roles 
  • Scroll through titles and abstracts  
  • Swipe to quickly make inclusion decisions 
  • Auto advance after making each decision 
  • Tap to add a label or reason 
  • Sort references to prioritize the order in which they appear 
  • Filter references to work with any subset at a time 
  • Perform title only or title and abstract screening 
  • Hide journal and author information while screening 
  • Select multiple references at the same time 
  • View highlighted keywords for inclusion and exclusion 
  • Work on the go from anywhere 
  • Download reviews to work offline 
  • Monitor review team progress 
  • Toggle Blind Mode On/Off  
  • Configure, save and switch among configuration settings 
  • View all your review projects 
  • Train the 5-star relevance ranking algorithm
  • and more!!!

Rayyan wishes you the best in your research journey! Please write to us to let us know how we are doing and how we may support you even better!

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