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Experience the All New Rayyan Mobile App and Unlock the Full Potential of Your Productivity

Rayyan Mobile App - Swipe right to include and swipe left to exclude

The Ultimate Productivity Tool for On-the-Go Success!

The all new Rayyan mobile app is here to help you make even more efficient use of your time! Add hours of productive time into your day by collaborating seamlessly with anyone, anywhere, at any time!

Save time and finish faster with the ability to: 

  • Create a review, invite reviewers, and manage roles – all from the mobile app!
  • Scroll through titles and abstracts to work at your own pace
  • Swipe to make inclusion decisions quickly
  • Auto advance after making each decision
  • Tap to assign labels and reasons
  • Sort references to prioritize your article screening
  • Filter references to work with any subset at a time
  • Perform title only or title and abstract screening
  • Hide journal and author information while screening
  • Select multiple references at the same time
  • View highlighted keywords for inclusion and exclusion
  • Work on the go from anywhere
  • Download reviews to work offline
  • Monitor review team progress across your reviews
  • Toggle Blind Mode On/Off 
  • Configure, save and switch among configuration settings
  • View all of your review projects on one screen…and more!!!

How to Get Started on Rayyan’s Mobile App?

Currently, you must first upload your references via the web. Once you do, your reviews and references will reflect on your mobile app and you can start article screening.

To work offline, press the cloud button on the app to download any review you want to work on offline. For a step-by-step guide refer to Rayyan’s Mobile App Guide in the Help Center.

Don’t miss out! Download the app now and experience the ultimate in productivity and convenience. Start your journey to success today! Rayyan’s Mobile App is available for unlimited use with a Student, Professional, Teams or Enterprise Membership.

Rayyan’s Mobile App for Rapid Reviews

Rayyan’s Mobile App is designed to streamline the process of screening for Rapid Reviews, which need to be conducted within a shorter timeframe than traditional systematic review process. The app allows users to quickly screen titles and abstracts by simply swiping to make inclusion decisions. This feature is especially useful for researchers and analysts who are conducting reviews with a tight deadline, as it allows you to quickly identify relevant articles and move on to the next step in the process.

Overall, Rayyan’s Mobile App helps with Rapid Reviews by making the screening process faster and more efficient. Its offline functionality also allows for a much more productive use of time, thus helping to complete the review process much simpler and quicker.

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